Non-Poet Figures

Full Name Prefix or Title First Name Middle Name(s) Last Name(s) Maiden Name Married Name Suffix Other Name Gender Birth Year Birth Year Approximated Death Year Death Year Approximated Nationality Birthplace Occupation Religion
Mary Garretson Mary Garretson female American Rhinebeck, NY
Mrs. Muspratt Mrs. Muspratt
Nathaniel Curzon (Lord Scarsdale) Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baron Scarsdale male 1752 1837 English
Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde
Percy Shelley Percy Bysshe Shelley male
Queen Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline (Caroline of Ansbach) Queen Wilhelmina, Charlotte, Caroline female German Ansbach, Bavaria
R. H. Cromek R. H. Cromek editor
Raja Rammohan Roy Raja Rammohan Roy
Ralph Griffiths Ralph Griffiths male 1720 Birth year approximated 1803 English Shropshire bookseller, journal editor
Rev. James Badnall Reverend James Bednall MA, Vicar of Endon male 1839 1897 English Wavertree, Lancashire priest
Rev. Reginald Illingworth Woodhouse Reverend Reginald Illingworth Woodhouse male reverend
Reverend James Murray Reverend James Murray male 1732 1782 Scottish Earlston, Berwickshire preacher Presbyterian
Reverend John Walker Reverend John Walker male English reverend
Reverend Thomas Ellwood Reverend Thomas Ellwood male 1838 1911 English Torver, Cumbria rector
Reverend Thomas Tighe Reverend Thomas Tighe male preacher
Richard Monckton Milnes Richard Monckton Milnes 1st Baron Houghton male 1809 1885 English Mayfair, Westminster politician, writer
Robert Ferguson Robert Ferguson male 1750 1774 Scottish Edinburgh poet
Robert Owen Robert Owen 1771 1858
Robert Southey Robert Southey
Robert Williams ("Robert ap Gwilym Ddu") Robert Williams Robert ap Gwilym Ddu
Samuel Jackson Pratt Samuel Jackson Pratt male 1749 1814 English St Ives, Cambridgeshire writer, actor, minister
Samuel Johnson Dr. Samuel Johnson male 1709 1784 English Lichfield poet, writer, literary scholar, lexicographer, editor
Samuel Richardson Samuel Richardson male 1689 Birth year approximated 1761 English Mackworth, Derbyshire printer, writer
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Sara Hutchinson Sara Hutchinson
Sir Owen Morgan Edwards Sir Owen Morgan Edwards male 1858 1920 Welsh Llanuwchllyn, Merioneth
Sir Titus Salt Sir Titus Salt
Sir Walter Scott Sir Walter Scott
Stair Hathorn-Stewart Stair Hathorn-Stewart male 1796 1865 Scottish Physgill House, Glasserton, Dumfries and Galloway reverend
Thomas Allan Thomas Allan male 1832 1894 English publisher
Thomas Dixon Thomas Dixon male English Sunderland cork-cutter
Thomas Hughes Thomas Hughes
Thomas Paine Thomas Paine
Thomas Percy, Bishop of Dromore Thomas Percy Bishop of Dromore male 1729 1811 Irish Bridgnorth, Shropshire poet, bishop Church of Ireland
Thomas Tyrwhitt Thomas Tyrwhitt male editor
Walter Davies (Gwallter Mechain) Walter Davies Gwallter Mechain male 1761 1849 Welsh Llanfechain, Montgomeryshire poet, antiquarian, cleric, literary scholar
Washington Irving Washington Irving
William Cudworth William Cudworth male 1830 1906 English Bradford antiquarian, historian, writer
William Enfield William Enfield 1741 1797 Sudbury, Suffolk
William Johnson (non-poet figure, editor) William Johnson editor
William Lowther, 1st Earl of Lonsdale Lord William Lonsdale 1st Earl of Lonsdale male 1757 1844 English Leeds politician, landowner, nobility
William Marchant William Marchant
William Owen Pugh William Owen Pugh
William Shakespeare William Shakespeare
William Shenstone William Shenstone
William Shepherd William Shepherd
William Waldegrave, 1st Baron Radstock William Waldegrave 1st Baron Radstock male 1753 1825 English admiral, governor, nobility
William Wordsworth William Wordsworth
[James Henry] Leigh Hunt [James Henry] Leigh Hunt 1784 1859
[James] Ramsay MacDonald [James] Ramsay MacDonald 1866 1937