John Jones (b. 1740) and James Woodhouse

The introduction to Jones' An Elegy on Winter, And Other Poems ... (Birmingham: 1779) includes the following information: "It ought not to be omitted that a few years before the death of the late Lord Lyttelton, Mr. Woodhouse, the ingenious author of a poem on the Leasowes, very obligingly presented a poem of our author’s to his Lordship, who having previously made acquaintance with his character by his friend Dr. Johnston, that nobleman expressed a desire to see him, and accordingly soon afterwards he was admitted to the honor of an interview at his seat at Hagley, where he has at all times since met with a most favourable reception, of which he makes a grateful acknowledgement to the present Lord Lyttelton, in his lines written in the Poet’s Walk.—Indeed, it was principally with a view of paying a tribute of gratitude to many kind friends and benefactors, that he yielded to the publication of this short account of his life, and of these Poems. January 12th, 1779"