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Light and Liberty 1914

A prose work giving a "rather muddled case for the need for the planned land reform" which the outbreak of war would stop; this work paved the way for some of his poetic and political themes, with its concerns about topics like rural depopulation, absentee landlords, corruption and city living. (Makes 373)

The Poetical Works of Charles Wilson, The Pitman Poet 1916 Arthur H. Stockwell

"Reproduced over 100 of the 500 poems Wilson had written by 1916" (Makes 373)

Sain-Go-Ell and Other Songs 1920

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Charles Wilson corresponded with D. H. Lawrence

"Wilson sent D. H. Lawrence several letters, a postcard, a nicket cigarette case, poems and two calendars. The seven surviving Lawrence letters to Wilson were courteous in tone, but were not characteristic of Lawrence's 'normal private correspondence,' as he made no effort to establish a relationship with Wilson (in contrast to other comparable correspondents) [Ellis and De Zordo 1993]" (Makes 375).

Charles Wilson corresponded with, knew Aldous Huxley

Wilson invited Huxley to visit Willington to speak to his Worker's Educational Association class, and Huxley "went on a three day mini-lecture tour to Willington and Billingham in October 1930, speaking on 'Poetry and Science.'

Charles Wilson wrote to James Joyce

Wilson invited Joyce to one of his Worker's Educational Association classes, but it is uncertain whether Joyce replied, and he did not visit Willington.