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"he died at his tavern, a prosperous potman and scurrile poet, in 1731" (Bartleby.com 2015, http://www.bartleby.com/219/1006.html).  "On 20 June 1731 Ward died and was buried in Old St. Pancras Churchyard in north London on 27 June. His grave is lost and he is not listed on the Burdett-Coutts Memorial to important lost graves therein. His obituary in Abbleby's Journal of 28 September 1731 published the names of his wife and children, but there is no record of his marriage" (Wikipedia).

Edward "Ned" Ward's Publications

Title Publication Date Publisher Edition Other Editions Editor Collaborator Patron Subscription Description Key Subscribers Pages Call Number Dialect Language Digitized or Digital Editions Additional Notes
The Poet's Ramble After Riches 1691

"Described his poverty and his disappointment of not receiving an inheritance through humorous Hudibrastic couplets." (Wikipedia)

Female Policy Detected, or, The Arts of a Designing Woman Laid Open 1695
A Trip to Jamaica 1698

Broadsheet based on personal experience.

The London Spy 1698
Sot's Paradise 1698
Ecclesia et factio 1698
A Trip to New-England 1699
The World Bewitched 1699
A Trip to Islington 1699
A Trip to Sadler's Wells 1699
The Weekly Comedy, as it is Dayly Acted at most Coffee-Houses in London 1699
A Trip to Bath  1700
A Trip to Stourbridge 1700
A Journey to Hell 1700 to 1705
The Dissenting Hypocrite 1704
Honesty in Distress but Relieved by No Party 1705
Hubibras Redivivus 1705 to 1707

A bitter attack on the Whig government of the day that resulted in Ward being put in the pillory twice, at the Royal Exchange and Charing Cross. Published in twelve monthly parts.

The Wooden World Dissected 1706

A controversial account of the Royal Navy.

The Diverting Muse 1707
The London Terraefilius 1707
Mars Stript of his Armour 1708
The Secret History of Clubs 1709

Contains one of the first descriptions of homosexual clubs in London.

Nuptial Dialogues and Debates 1710
Vulgus Britannicus, or, The British Hudibras 1710
Don Quixote 1711 to 1712
The Merry Travellers 1712
History of the Grand Rebellion 1713 to 1715
The Hudibrastick Brewer 1714
A Vade Mecum for Malt-Worms 1715
The Delights of the Bottle 1720
The Parish Guttlers 1722

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