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The First Canto of a Poem, entitled, Destiny 1865
The Two Spirits: A Poem 1872

"A satire on the Free and Established Churches in which Bruce ridicules the lack of charity between the two bodies." (Fife Today)

Destiny, and Other Poems 1876
Poems and Songs 1886 John Leng Scots
Wrecks and Reminiscences of St Andrews Bay: With the History of the Lifeboat, and a Sketch of the Fishing Population of the City, With a Glance at its Early History 1886 John Leng
The Land Birds In and Around St. Andrews: Including a Condensed History of the British Land Birds, with Extracts from the Poets and Observations and Anecdotes on Natural History 1895 John Leng

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George Bruce influenced by Robert Burns

Bruce's 1886, Poems and Songs, "displays his knowledge of the Scots language and his admiration for Robert Burns. He later became poet laureate of the St Andrews Burns Club." (Fife Today)