Jeanie Donnan

Jeanie Donnan


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Jeanie Donnan's Publications

Title Publication Date Publisher Edition Other Editions Editor Collaborator Patron Subscription Description Key Subscribers Pages Call Number Dialect Language Digitized or Digital Editions Additional Notes
Hameland: The Poems of Jeanie Donnan 1907 John F. Brown, The Galloway Gazette Press The Hameland volume of 1907 evidences the popularity of her verses in its impressive, 14-page list of subscribers. It is headed by the Earl of Galloway, but dominated by ordinary folk, mainly local subscribers from the Whithorn area, but also significant numbers of subscribers from far and wide: Cardiff, the English cities, Australia, South Africa and the United States. Scots, Scottish English HathiTrust
Heatherbloom: Poems and Songs by Jeanie Donnan 1911 Fraser, Ash & Co. Scottish English, Scots HathiTrust
War Poems 1915 The Galloway Gazette Press Scots, Scottish English
The Hills o’ Hame 1930 The Galloway Gazette Press Scots, Scottish English

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