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Samuel Laycock


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Warblin’s fro’ an Owd Songster (Oldham, London and Manchester, 1893, 3rd enlarged edn, 1894) 1893
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Joseph Cronshaw addressed writing to Samuel Laycock

Behind Cronshaw's volume, Dingle Cottage, there is a tremendous sense of pride in regional writing, presided over by three spirits from the previous generation, the poets Edwin Waugh, Samuel Laycock and Ben Brierley (qqv), who are regularly namechecked in the preliminary materials. Indeed, one mixed prose-verse piece, ‘A Strange Dream’, uses the dream motif to discuss the consider of reading these three hallowed Lancashire dialect poets, and to underline this, handsome photographic portraits of each of them with names and vital dates, are interleafed with the poem (156-63). (Superlist)