Thomas Pringle

Thomas Pringle, engraving by William Finden


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Thomas Pringle's Publications

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The Desolate Valley: A South African scene; and, The wild Forester of Winterburg: A South African Tale 1824
Some Account of the Present State of the English Settlers in Albany, South Africa 1824

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Thomas Pringle corresponded with, collaborated with James Hogg

Pringle published poems by and corresponded with James Hogg when he co-edited the Edinburgh Monthly Magazine, the short-lived predecessor to the famous Blackwoods Magazine.

Thomas Pringle read by, influenced by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Coleridge admired Pringle's "Afar in the Desert" (1832)

Thomas Pringle read by, corresponded with, collaborated with John Clare

Pringle published Clare's poems in the annual Friendship's Offering, which he edited.

Clare owned Pringle's Ephemerides or Occasional Poems, written in Scotland and South Africa (London, 1828).