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Autobiography of a Gangrel

Cameron wrote his Autobiography of a Gangrel for his friend and patron the publisher David Robertson, probably as a way of earning some money (popular autobiographies in this period were often a form of disguised charity), but it was not published until 1888, after both their deaths. It mostly covers his travelling years and draws on the established chapbook genre of an exposé of beggars' tricks. It also describes his temporary marriages to several other itinerants, but he had no known official spouse or offspring.

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James McIndoe rival of, friends with William Cameron

In 1818, Cameron "learnt his trade as a ‘speech-caller’ from Jamie ‘Blue’ McIndoe, another well-known street wit. The two were friends and partners for some time, before becoming rivals" throughout the 1820s (ODNB). For years, McIndoe claimed Cameron had "stolen his rightful position as Glasgow's unofficial head speech crier" (Terry).