Poems on Several Occasions

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Published poetry collection
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"Second edition, corrected, with several additional pieces never before published"
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"To The Right Honourable George Lord Lyttleton, Baron of Frankley, this Work is inscribed, as a humble acknowledgment of his condescension, humanity and beneficence towards the Author; in whom it would be presumption to enlarge on his virtues, which are every day exerted in the highest, and most extensive sphere; or to speak of his genius, which not only adorns the present, but will illuminate future ages."
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The Author
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Dodlsey, in Pall Mall
Becket & De Hondt, in the Strand
Sandby, in Fleet Street
Rivington, in St. Paul's Churchyard
Beecroft, Baldwin & Crowder, in Paternoster-row
Fletcher, Parker & Prince, in Oxford
Thurlbourn & Woodyer, in Cambridge
Pearson & Aris, in Birmingham
Frederick, in Bath
Geast, in Dudley
The Author
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"To the whole is prefixed, a List of his Generous Benefactors on the former Publication, and the Subscribers to the present Edition"
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5 shillings
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