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Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border: consisting of historical and romantic ballads, collected in the southern counties of Scotland; with a few of modern date, founded upon local tradition 1802 to 1803 Sir Walter Scott, James Hogg Editor, Collector Longman, Rees, Orme, & Brown (Green, Hurst) 2 Vol. I (2nd Ed), Vol. II (2nd Ed), Vol. III (2nd Ed), Walter Scott Minstrelsy Project (2011-2014, first critical ed, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and University of Edinburgh)
The Remains of Robert Bloomfield 1824 Robert Bloomfield Author Baldwin, Cradock & Joy Joseph Weston
Poems and Songs 1886 George Bruce Author John Leng Scots
Wrecks and Reminiscences of St Andrews Bay: With the History of the Lifeboat, and a Sketch of the Fishing Population of the City, With a Glance at its Early History 1886 George Bruce Author John Leng
The Land Birds In and Around St. Andrews: Including a Condensed History of the British Land Birds, with Extracts from the Poets and Observations and Anecdotes on Natural History 1895 George Bruce Author John Leng
A Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs for the Voice 1793 to 1841 George Thomson, Robert Burns Author George Thomson Scots
The Works and Life of Burns Robert Burns, Allan Cunningham Author, Editor James Cochrane, John Macrone Allan Cunningham HathiTrust
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect 1786 Robert Burns Author John Wilson 1
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Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect
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"This edition, however, was re-set and reprinted more or less simultaneously, since it was over-subscribed. 3,000 copies in all were published. After the first batch had been printed, the type had to be re-set. An error crept into a line in the 'Address to a Haggis', where by "Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware", became "Auld Scotland wants nae stinking ware". The second form of the 1787 edition has thus become known as the 'Stinking Burns'. The price to subscribers was 5 s. to other purchasers 6. As with the Kilmarnock Edition, Burns assumed all personal responsibility." (
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Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, Greatly Enlarged with New Poems
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Reissued in 1794
Subscribers list for Kilmarnock edition available here: Burns raised 1,500 subscribers for the first Edinburgh edition Scots National Library of Scotland
The Scots Musical Museum 1787 to 1803 Robert Burns, James Johnson Co-Author, Collector Johnson & Co. National Library of Scotland

Burns contributed largely to the work, and Stephen Clarke prepared the arrangements of most of the airs. ["The volumes of the Musical museum, as originally published, were 'Humbly dedicated to the Catch Club, instituted at Edinburgh June 1771.' On the completion of the sixth and last volume, in 1803, Johnson substituted a new set of title-pages, dedicating the work 'To the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.'"--Laing's pref., to 1839 ed., v. 1, p. ii, foot-note]. (National Library of Scotland)

"The first volume was published in 1787 and included three songs by Burns. He contributed 40 songs to volume 2, and would end up responsible for about a third of the 600 songs in the whole collection as well as making a considerable editorial contribution. The final volume was published in 1803.

As well as collecting old songs, Burns wrote new words to old tunes, and many of the songs now attributed to Burns have older roots. Songs in the collection include Auld Lang Syne, Lord Ronald, my Son (better known as Lord Randal) and My love is like a Red, Red Rose. Burns' songs include The Battle of Sherramuir, Scots Wha Hae, Green Grow the Rashes, Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Ye Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon, Ae Fond Kiss, The Winter it is Past, Comin' Thro the Rye and John Anderson, My Jo.

The collection became popular internationally, and songs and tunes were arranged by composers such as Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven." (Wikipedia)

Poems and Songs of Will Farrow (John Campbell) 1897 John Campbell (1808-1892) Author Alexander Gardner
Poems 1884 John Campbell (1823 - 1897) Author MacLachlan and Stewart
The Works of Thomas Chatterton 1803 Thomas Chatterton Author Longman, Rees, Orme, & Brown (Green, Hurst) Robert Southey, Joseph Cottle HathiTrust
The Rural Muse 1835 John Clare Author G. & W. B. Whittaker Northamptonshire
Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery 1820 John Clare Author Taylor & Hessey, E. Drury
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"Clare's first book, Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery, was published by Taylor and Hessey in 1820 and reached a fourth edition in 1821, largely owing to the efforts of William Waldegrave, first Baron Radstock, and his evangelical friend Mrs Eliza Emmerson." (ODNB)
John Taylor (1781-1864) William Waldegrave, 1st Baron Radstock, Eliza Emmerson Northamptonshire
The Village Minstrel 1821 John Clare Author Taylor & Hessey John Taylor (1781-1864) Northamptonshire Google Books
The Shepherd’s Calendar ; with village stories, and other poems 1827 John Clare Author John Taylor John Taylor (1781-1864) Northamptonshire
Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway song: with historical and traditional notices relative to the manners and customs of the peasantry 1810 Allan Cunningham Collector Thomas Cadell R. H. Cromek 414

"The collection Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song appeared the following December, of which Cunningham says that ‘every article but two little scraps was contributed by me’ (ibid., 79), a fact not discernible from Cromek's acknowledgement in the introduction of Cunningham's services in drawing ‘many pieces from obscurity’. The book, which contains interesting accounts in prose of the Scottish border peasantry, obviously by Cunningham, was favourably received, and the mystification as to the origin of the ballads was always transparent to some, especially Scott and Hogg. An article on this volume by Professor John Wilson in Blackwood's Magazine (December 1819) first drew public attention to Cunningham's poetical merits." (ODNB)

The Songs of Scotland, Ancient and Modern; with an Introduction and Notes, Historical and Critical, and Characters of the Lyric Poets 1825 Allan Cunningham Author John Taylor
Sir Marmaduke Maxwell, a Dramatic Poem; The Mermaid of Galloway; The Legend of Richard Faulder; and Twenty Scottish Songs 1822 Allan Cunningham Author Taylor & Hessey 2 HathiTrust
Paul Jones; a Romance 1826 Allan Cunningham Author Longman, Rees, Orme, & Brown (Green, Hurst), Oliver & Boyd Google Books (Volume 1), Google Books (Volume 2), Google Books (Volume 3)
The Maid of Elvar, A Poem. In Twelve Parts 1832 Allan Cunningham Author Edward Moxon
Sir Michael Scott, a Romance 1828 Allan Cunningham Author Henry Colburn HathiTrust (Volume 1), HathiTrust (Volume 2), HathiTrust (Volume 3)
Lord Roldan; a Romance 1836 Allan Cunningham Author John Macrone HathiTrust (Volume 1), HathiTrust (Volume 2), HathiTrust (Volume 3)
Lives of the most Eminent British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects 1829 to 1833 Allan Cunningham Editor John Murray Allan Cunningham HathiTrust
A Working Woman's Life 1907 Mary Anne Hearn Author James Clarke & Co.

An autobiography

Lays and Lyrics of the Blessed Life 1860 Mary Anne Hearn Author James Clarke & Co.
Tykes Abrooad. An accahnt of Joss Jenkins’ travels and trials throo Normanton to Normandy, etc 1911 Walter Hampson Author W. Nicholson & Sons
Pte. Job Muggleston; or, “Fun i’ th’ Army,” etc. 1917 Walter Hampson Author W. Nicholson & Sons
A Wheel in Wharfeland: A holiday tour in a land of natural beauty, romance and historical associations 1918 Walter Hampson Author W. Nicholson & Sons
Joss Jenkins and His Pals Go Carol Singin’: When Jemmy Greased His Flute 1919 Walter Hampson Author W. Nicholson & Sons
A Series of Lay Sermons on Good Principles and Good Breeding 1834 James Hogg Author James Fraser
Dramatic Tales 1816 James Hogg Author Longman, Rees, Orme, & Brown (Green, Hurst), John Ballantyne Google Books (Volume I)
Queen Hynde. A Poem, in Six Books. 1824 James Hogg Author Longman, Rees, Orme, & Brown (Green, Hurst), William Blackwood Google Books
The Shepherd's Guide: Being a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Sheep, Their Causes, and the Best Means of Preventing Them; with Observations on the Most Suitable Farm-Stocking for the Various Climates of this Country 1807 James Hogg Author Archibald Constable & Co., John Murray
Tales of the Wars of Montrose 1835 James Hogg Author James Cochrane (Volume I), (Volume II), (Volume III)
The Poetical Works of James Hogg 1822 James Hogg Author Archibald Constable & Co., Hurst, Robinson & Co. HathiTrust (Volume I), HathiTrust (Volume II), HathiTrust (Volume III), HathiTrust (Volume IV)
The Shepherd's Calendar 1829 James Hogg Author William Blackwood, Thomas Cadell (Volume I), (Volume II)
The Queen's Wake: A Legendary Poem 1813 James Hogg Author George Goldie, Longman, Rees, Orme, & Brown (Green, Hurst) 2
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"Contains important revisions" (ODNB)
Google Books

This book-length narrative poem tells of the return of Mary, queen of Scots, to Scotland after her long sojourn in France. To welcome the young queen a poetic competition—described by Hogg as a ‘wake’—is held at Holyrood Palace among the minstrels of Scotland. The poem tells the story of this event, interspersed with the songs sung by the minstrels. The Queen's Wake was immediately recognized as a major achievement, with spice added by the circumstances of Hogg's background and upbringing. Indeed, George Goldie, the publisher of the poem, assured readers in the second edition (1813) that the work was ‘really and truly the production of James Hogg, a common shepherd, bred among the mountains of Ettrick Forest, who went to service when only seven years of age; and since that period has never received any education whatever’ (p. vi). (ODNB)

The Brownie of Bodsbeck; and other tales 1817 James Hogg Author William Blackwood, John Murray Google Books (Volume I), Google Books (Volume II)
The Mountain Bard; consisting of ballads and songs, founded on facts and legendary tales 1807 James Hogg Author Archibald Constable & Co., John Murray Google Books