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Lays from the Poorhouse: Being a collection of temperance and miscellaneous pieces, chiefly Scottish 1860 John Young (1825-1891) Author George Gallie 211 Scots Google Books
Lochlomond side, and other poems 1872 John Young (1825-1891) Author George Gallie 176
Poems and lyrics, chiefly in the Scottish dialect 1868 John Young (1825-1891) Author George Gallie 176 Scots Google Books
Selections from my first volume, Lays from the poorhouse: (published November, 1860), with an appendix containing several hitherto unpublished poems 1881 John Young (1825-1891) Author George Gallie 172
The Poetical Works of Robert Young of Londonderry: comprising historical, agricultural, and miscellaneous poems and songs, with copious notes 1863 Robert Young (b. 1800) Author John and James Hempton, Hodges, Smith & Co. Full 12 page list of subscribers included Google Books
The Light of the Week; or, the Temporal Advantages of the Sabbath, Considered in Relation to the Working Classes 1849 John Younger Author Partridge, Oakey & Co., David Robertson
Autobiography of John Younger, Shoemaker, of St. Boswell's 1881 John Younger Author John Menzies, J. & J. H. Rutherford Google Books
Mabel Lee: A Sketch 1885 John T. Yule Author George Lewis HathiTrust
The Poetical Works of Charles Wilson, The Pitman Poet 1916 Charles Wilson Author Arthur H. Stockwell

"Reproduced over 100 of the 500 poems Wilson had written by 1916" (Makes 373)

The Scots Musical Museum 1787 to 1803 Robert Burns, James Johnson Co-Author, Collector Johnson & Co. National Library of Scotland

Burns contributed largely to the work, and Stephen Clarke prepared the arrangements of most of the airs. ["The volumes of the Musical museum, as originally published, were 'Humbly dedicated to the Catch Club, instituted at Edinburgh June 1771.' On the completion of the sixth and last volume, in 1803, Johnson substituted a new set of title-pages, dedicating the work 'To the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.'"--Laing's pref., to 1839 ed., v. 1, p. ii, foot-note]. (National Library of Scotland)

"The first volume was published in 1787 and included three songs by Burns. He contributed 40 songs to volume 2, and would end up responsible for about a third of the 600 songs in the whole collection as well as making a considerable editorial contribution. The final volume was published in 1803.

As well as collecting old songs, Burns wrote new words to old tunes, and many of the songs now attributed to Burns have older roots. Songs in the collection include Auld Lang Syne, Lord Ronald, my Son (better known as Lord Randal) and My love is like a Red, Red Rose. Burns' songs include The Battle of Sherramuir, Scots Wha Hae, Green Grow the Rashes, Flow Gently Sweet Afton, Ye Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon, Ae Fond Kiss, The Winter it is Past, Comin' Thro the Rye and John Anderson, My Jo.

The collection became popular internationally, and songs and tunes were arranged by composers such as Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven." (Wikipedia)

A Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs for the Voice 1793 to 1841 George Thomson, Robert Burns Author George Thomson Scots
Edgar and Elfrida; or the Power of Beauty 1793 William Hutton Author M. Swinney Google Books
Poems, Chiefly Tales 1804 William Hutton Author John Nichols & Son
Poems on Several Occasions 1791 Anne Ross Author A. Duncan and R. Chapman
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Poems on Several Occasions
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A Collection of Poems
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The Life and Literary Remains of Charles Reece Pemberton, with remarks on his character and genius 1843 Charles Reece Pemberton Author Charles Fox
John Fowler (NPF)
Sheffield Park: a descriptive poem 1820 John Holland Author James Montgomery Google Books
The Cottage of Pella, a tale of Palestine: with other poems 1821 John Holland Author James Montgomery Google Books
The Hopes of Matrimony, and other poems 1822 John Holland Author Francis Westley
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Google Books
Flowers from Sheffield Park: a selection of poetical pieces originally published in the Sheffield Iris 1827 John Holland Author Hamilton, Adams, and Co, John Blackwell Google Books
The Pleasures of Sight: a poem 1829 John Holland Author John Blackwell
Rivelin Rhymes 1880 Henry Waterfall Author J. Robertshaw
Athelstan; a tragedy. Life and Death, an allegory, and other poems 1847 Edmund H. White Author W. Strange HathiTrust
The Plebeian and Other Tales 1848 Edmund H. White Author W. Strange
Slavery, a Poem in Five Cantos; The Artisan and other poems 1850 Edmund H. White Author James Martin HathiTrust
Blindness: A Discursive Poem in Five Cantos, composed in total blindness 1856 Edmund H. White Author James Martin
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The Genius of the Blind: A Poem in Five Cantos Composed in Total Blindness
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Google Books
Cerddi Cerngoch 1904 John Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins Author Caxton Press Welsh HathiTrust
Historical and Philosophical Sketch of the Discoveries and Settlements of the Europeans in Northern and Western Africa, at the Close of the Eighteenth Century 1799 John Leyden Author J. Moir Google Books
Complaynt of Scotland 1801 John Leyden Editor Archibald Constable & Co. John Leyden
Scottish Descriptive Poems; with Some Illustrations of Scotish Literary Antiquities 1803 John Leyden Author Mundell & Son

While in the Scottish Highlands Leyden "investigated the Ossianic question, and recovered from James Beattie at Aberdeen the anonymous poem ‘Albania’, which he published along with John Wilson's ‘Clyde’ " in this text (ODNB)

Scenes of Infancy, Descriptive of Teviotdale 1803 John Leyden Author James Ballantyne & Co. Google Books
Malay Annals 1821 John Leyden Translator Longman, Rees, Orme, & Brown (Green, Hurst) English Google Books
The Poetical Remains of the Late Dr. John Leyden 1821 John Leyden Author Strahan & Spottiswoode Google Books
Hameland: The Poems of Jeanie Donnan 1907 Jeanie Donnan Author John F. Brown, The Galloway Gazette Press The Hameland volume of 1907 evidences the popularity of her verses in its impressive, 14-page list of subscribers. It is headed by the Earl of Galloway, but dominated by ordinary folk, mainly local subscribers from the Whithorn area, but also significant numbers of subscribers from far and wide: Cardiff, the English cities, Australia, South Africa and the United States. Scots, Scottish English HathiTrust
Heatherbloom: Poems and Songs by Jeanie Donnan 1911 Jeanie Donnan Author Fraser, Ash & Co. Scottish English, Scots HathiTrust
War Poems 1915 Jeanie Donnan Author The Galloway Gazette Press Scots, Scottish English
The Hills o’ Hame 1930 Jeanie Donnan Author The Galloway Gazette Press Scots, Scottish English
Willie Waugh, and Other Poems 1884 Ellen Corbet Nicholson Author John Menzies, J. M'Geachy Google Books

Reilly marks this as "not joint authorship," but does not explain her reasoning or evidence.

Poems 1880 Ellen Corbet Nicholson Author Hamilton, Adams, and Co, J. M'Geachy Google Books

Reilly marks this as "not joint authorship," but does not explain her reasoning or evidence.

Local Musings 1876 Henry Syme Author A. Romanes Google Books