James Hogg and Robert Burns

"For much of his life Hogg believed that he was born on 25 January 1772. He took great pride in sharing the birthday of Robert Burns; indeed there is much evidence that he saw his life's work in terms of being Burns's successor. However, the parish register of Ettrick records Hogg's baptism at Ettrick church on 9 December 1770, a fact that he discovered with disappointment during his later years" (ODNB).

Robert Bloomfield and James Thomson

About 1783 ... Robert and George decamped and took up residence at Blue Hart Court, Bell Alley. Another lodger there, James Kay, generously lent Robert a number of books, among them Paradise Lost and James Thomson's The Seasons, the latter of which became his favourite reading material. Over the years Bloomfield developed a prodigious memory for poetry and could recite any passage from The Seasons or Thomson's The Castle of Indolence ...